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Book Tag from Down Under


Thanks to Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight for letting me steal this tag! I've never been to Australia (someday!), but I thought this looked like a blast. I mean, the first category is "Koala." How can you resist that?

I don't really do cuddles.
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Maybe if it were a baby dragon or something?


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How to Make a DIY Book Subscription Box


How many of us stare and drool at all the beautiful photos of the latest subscription box? Between Fairy Loot, OwlCrate, Uppercase, Once Upon a Book Club, BookLoot, LitJoy Crate, Whimsify, SpearCraft, Book Boyfriend Box, Unicorn Crate, Shelflove Crate, My YA Reading Club, LitCube, HootLoot, and more, they're everywhere. It's all the excitement of opening your Happy Meal toy, but, you know, for teens/adults. ;) And they're so pretty!

But, they're pricey. Most of these boxes are around $30 plus shipping. Yikes! Between those numbers and my general pickiness with books, I probably won't be getting one of these preciouses unless I win a giveaway or something.

BUT, that doesn't mean I can't hack the anatomy of these boxes and make cheaper versions for myself and others. I just signed up for #OTSPsecretsister for the first time and, while my budget won't afford big productions, I'm looking forward to being creative and putting together some cheer-filled packages and letters! :)

Without further ado . . .


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June 2017 Wrap-Up

A monthly recap of books I've read, posts I've written, things of interest from the blogosphere, and life.

June Reads:


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