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Book Tag from Down Under


Thanks to Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight for letting me steal this tag! I've never been to Australia (someday!), but I thought this looked like a blast. I mean, the first category is "Koala." How can you resist that?

I don't really do cuddles.
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Maybe if it were a baby dragon or something?

I can't really find a book I've loved that everyone else hates, which I guess goes to show that there will always be readers who like your work and readers who dislike it. I guess the closest I might come is Pegasus by Robin McKinley?

It ended on a cliffhanger, and seven years later we still don't have a sequel. I've resigned myself to that and still enjoyed the first book as it was, though I'm sad it will likely remain an unfinished story. I can definitely understand other people hating it for those reasons. I kind of love and hate it at the same time. 

Everyone knows I love Lord of the Rings and Narnia and Marvel and DC superheroes (and Power Rangers in my younger years), and I'm pretty sure I've talked about The Lunar Chronicles often enough, so let's go with my lesser-known favorite team: The Scissors Project (or "SP") from Beauty Pop!

I used to read a TON of manga in high school and college. This is one of the few series I still have on my shelves (and am never getting rid of) because it's the perfect mix of comedy, friendship and trope-upending awesomeness. I dare you to read any of these books and not smile. I. Dare. You.

I have a wacky rating system that makes 5 stars almost impossible, but my 4 stars are more or less the equivalent to most people's 5, so the most recent one of those was...

Magic, science, aliens, vampires, space, werewolves and more. :)

Apparently, a lot of my favorite books were written by Brits? A few Americans have snuck in there though. This time, we'll shine the spotlight on Leviathan (because Westerfeld splits his time between NYC and Sydney, so tag-appropriate) and All Our Yesterdays (because time travel).

This could be a whole post of its own. There are loads of books with beautiful covers, but the writing, storytelling and/or characters are just plain painful to read. They need to come with "look, don't touch" signs. Super painful example:

In its defense, I really enjoyed the first third or so, which made the rest even more painful to read.

Okay, so it's not totally grim at the end, and it has a nice dash of adventure thrown in for flavor, but these are some pretty dark plots. 

The Jim Caviezel movie is good, but very different from the book. If you want the full revenge experience, you have to read it. It looks massive, but Dumas' writing flies by pretty fast.

Beauty Pop is exactly this, but since we already mentioned that...

If you like Hallmark movies, this novella is for you. There's a teensy bit of seriousness, but overall it's cute, light and fluffy.

It depends. Sometimes I reach for the nearest silly, quick read. Sometimes it's the latest in a series I love that I know won't disappoint (like Kate Daniels or The Others or The Innkeeper Chronicles). When I'm really, really stuck, I usually have to go with Diana Wynne Jones.

If you think this looks fun, consider yourself tagged! Or you can tell me what books you'd pick for koala, vegemite, Socceroos, etc. in the comments!


  1. Oh YAY I am glad you decided to do this! I chuckled at your GIF for the Six of Crows one bwhahahah. I really need to read All Our Yesterdays, I have heard so many great things. And seriously, I want to go to Australia too, so badly. It's on the bucket list for sure!

    1. I was looking for a more dramatic, exploding train wreck, but that one fit so well. ;) You should definitely read All Our Yesterdays. The great things are true. I vote for an impromptu trip down under!