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June 2017 Wrap-Up

A monthly recap of books I've read, posts I've written, things of interest from the blogosphere, and life.

June Reads:

June Posts:

June Blogosphere Stuff:

Riveted switches out its free book/excerpt selections on July 3rd, and I see one I've been meaning to read among the new arrivals!

The fourth Heartstrikers book by Rachel Aaron comes out this July!

Poppyseed did a great interview with author Mary Weber.

June Life:

It's been a bittersweet month. I made a little money at the neighborhood yard sale. I got to attend a baseball game and a barbecue with folks from work, and I had several interviews for a post-law school job this past week. It was a lot of driving and a little nerve-racking, but I should hear back on them soon. Fingers crossed and praying the right offer comes (and that I won't be a stress bucket if nothing comes).

The bitter part was that my mom's dad passed away. He was almost 92, had limited heart function and died peacefully in his sleep. We'll miss him, but I'm grateful for the time we had and the long, loving life he lived.

I have a law journal assignment to finish, but otherwise I'm enjoying my four-day weekend. Happy belated 150th to everyone in Canada! Happy early Fourth of July to everyone here!

And that was my month. How was yours?


  1. I'm so excited about the new Heartstrikers book! :) I hope it's as good as the rest of the series.
    And attending a baseball game is something I'd love to do someday. We just don't have them here (I don't think we even have a league? There are a couple of practice places but no stadium.), it's such an American thing. :)
    Happy 4th!

    1. Ditto! I MUST know what happens next! It's true, baseball is pretty American--hence "as American as baseball and apple pie." ;) If you're ever in this neck of the woods, let me know and we'll make sure you see a baseball game live. Can't promise it'll be any good, but it's an experience. :)