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My Favorite Hidden Gems


This week's Top 10 Tuesday topic is all about the "hidden gems" we've read. I'm never sure whether my gems are really "hidden," or just not at the front of a mega hype machine, but whatever. These books could always use more love. :)

My Favorite Hidden Gems

Everyone's heard of these authors, but these two gems seem to get lost in the shuffle, hidden behind the more well-known titles like Redwall and Howl's Moving Castle. Castaways is brilliant and has a talking dog, and Enchanted Glass has a family just as crazy, zany and magical as Howl's.

These gems both started with small publishers/imprints that closed. Tabula Rasa (lost memories plus mercenaries) is still available thanks to a new publisher. Blackwood (a modern-day Roanoke mystery) is no longer readily available (no matter how much I loved it and its geek references), but the author is re-launching it as Strange Alchemy with some big changes, including an additional perspective. 

These are three gems I'm always throwing at people. Because they're awesome. Persuasion retelling, THE Lois Lane, and ridiculously well done time travel.

These probably only have so few ratings on Goodreads because most people read them as kids, but they're great books regardless, for kids or adults.

What books do you love that no one else has heard of? Have you read any of these?


  1. I think my mom read Castaways and really liked it but I still haven't! We got it at a book signing he did for the Redwall anniversary edition years ago. Blackwood sounds awesome, you don't read about Roanoke enough! Loved Darkness and All Our Yesterdays, have Lois Lane on my shelf :)

    1. You should definitely read Castaways! It's really fun and also kind of encouraging and uplifting? Blackwood is awesome. (I actually had to buy it twice after the copy I lent my sister met a 2-year-old and didn't survive. ^^) I'm working on the second Lois Lane book, Double Down, and loving it so far!