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Why I Love My OTSP Secret Sister Already

It's my first round of #OTSPsecretsister, and I'm having so much fun already! It's also kind of funny/ironic to think that I'm in my twenties and doing something as old school as pen pals and having a blast. Granted, my handwriting is really out of practice and I've considered typing everything to save us all a few headaches/hand aches, but the illegibility is part of the charm, right? ;)

For those who don't know, the "On the Same Page Secret Sister" project is a 6-month cheer club with monthly letters and gifts sent by a "secret sister." The emphasis is on the cheer and letters, but the gifts are a nice bonus. So, long-term Secret Santa. It's hosted and run by the amazing Alyssa (@withthebanned), Amy(@trippingbooks), and Brittany (@bookaddictguide)! Words are not enough thanks for all the hard work they do running this project and assigning sisters.

I LOVED my first letter and cheer package! My secret sister is super sweet and thoughtful, and we've already chatted about everything from Jane Austen movies to Disney to Marvel to our lacking Spanish skills, lol.

Can I just say, isn't this a perfect start-of-semester cheer box? A fun middle grade book, coloring sheets, chocolate, protein, relaxation, and Disney villains!

My secret sister totally gets me, which is why I love her already and know the next 5 months will be a blast. :)

And the giving has been just as much fun as the receiving! I'm a planner (and I knew I'd be crazy busy once school starts...which I am), so I have a nice chart listing out each month's packages for the gal I'm secret sister to. I have all but a few things bought/made and ready to go. There are a few DIY things in particular that have been really fun. I'm a little sad I can't share those with you, but...I'm still a secret sister as far as I know. I'd like to stay that way for now, so I won't be sharing pictures of any of those gifts, letters, or packages.

But yeah, definitely loving this project and looking forward to the next 5 months. If you've thought about joining in and haven't yet, I highly recommend it when the next round opens!

Have you participated in OTSPsecretsister before? What was/is your experience like?


  1. I did OTSP Secret Sister for a few rounds and really had fun with it. Sounds like you have a great sis!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I'm feeling pretty lucky so far. Hopefully the gal I'm secret sis to feels the same. :)