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August 2017 Wrap-Up: Fire, Dating Fails and Time Travel

A monthly recap of books I've read, posts I've written, things of interest 
from the blogosphere, and life.

August went by really fast. It feels like it shouldn't be September yet, but it is. :P

August Reads:

The Piper's Price - This is the second book in a Peter Pan inspired series. Unfortunately, it had all the problems of the first and then some. The author very kindly sent me a copy for review, so I'm sad I didn't enjoy it more.

Breath of Fire - This was disappointing. Despite several issues, I enjoyed the first book in this trilogy, Promise of Fire. This time around . . . I was super bored. There's no plot (except a really stupid miscommunication) for the first quarter of the book. For the rest, where the first book had tension and mystery and danger on all sides all the time, it feels like all of that is gone now--even when there is danger. Just, bluh.

The Last Single Girl - I grabbed this novella for free, but I'm majorly tempted to continue the series. It was short and all kinds of silly. Sarah is the last single girl in her friend group and desperate to ditch the title. What follows is a journey into the online dating world and one disastrous blind date after another. I've been craving more humor lately, and this was full of it.

Invictus - Full review to come soon, but it's awesome. Like, 4 stars from me awesome.

August Posts:

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August Life:

It's been a busy month. I finished the summer internship, returned to my old job, took an exam, started the second-to-last semester of my last year of law school (3LOL!), and did a bit of reading.

I set up this semester's class/work schedule to give myself three-day weekends, but the other four days are killer--early starts, late finishes and long commutes. I usually just listen to the radio or enjoy the quiet during my rides, but I'm thinking about pulling out some audiobooks. I have Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Anne of Green Gables (which I've sadly never read). Any other recommendations on things to pick up at the library?

Also, I haven't really felt like doing full, long reviews for books lately (except for publisher copies for review because they're, you know, for review). So I've just been collecting my general thoughts on the month's reads here. I'm still happy to talk about them in more detail in the comments or on Twitter or Goodreads or whatever, so don't be shy if you want more details or read it and want to chat. :)

And that was my month! How was yours?


  1. August did go alarmingly fast! I've heard good things about Promise of Fire so it's a shame that the sequel doesn't hold up. And I didn't know much about Invictus until recently but it sounds like a must read. I think general thoughts/mini reviews are good- sometimes it's hard to write full reviews on top of everything else. 3 day weekends sound nice at least- hope you're surviving the rest of the week! I haven't read Anne of Green Gables either... someday :)

    1. I know a lot of people loved Breath of Fire, so I may be the outlier on that? Invictus is one hyped book that delivered for me. If you like time travel and don't mind things constantly going wrong for the MCs, you'll probably like it. :) Anne of Green Gables...I watched all three movies as a kid. That counts, right?

  2. "The Last Single Girl" sounds extremely amusing, especially since I can relate to the online dating experience. ;)

    1. It was amusing! If it's still free, I definitely recommend grabbing it.

  3. Seriously, HOW is it September? I do not know. Sad about The Piper's Price, especially because the cover is really nice. I am so glad you liked Invictus though, because I am super excited about that one! So exciting that you're getting close to the end of law school, too! And I fully agree with the 4 harder days to have a 3 day weekend schedule, I always tried to do that in college when I could. Hope you have an amazing September :)

    1. RIGHT?! Bluh, time keeps on ticking. It really is a shame; I think The Neverland Wars series has some of the best covers from that publisher, but the story is . . . yeah. I hope you enjoy Invictus! And the only downside to the 3-day weekend so far is that, well, I just want to relax and ignore school once I'm home. ^^; Here's hoping for an amazing September for you, too!