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September 2017 Wrap-Up: Magic Eggs, Tennis and Panels

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A monthly recap of books I've read, posts I've written, things of interest
from the blogosphere, and life.

September is over! I'm still trying to figure out if that's a good or bad thing, but it's done.

September Reads:

A big thank you to my lovely OTSP secret sister for sending this fun middle grade read my way! It was a welcome break from school/work/life. Otherwise, it was a slow reading month.

September Posts:

September Life:

It's been a busy month. I went to a zoo, a museum, a barbecue, and I played tennis 5 weekends in a row. (I'm slowly re-learning my ground strokes and serve motion.) I survived hosting a panel discussion about the Second Amendment for a school group. We have another panel in about a week. And another two weeks after that. And another two weeks after that...

So...yeah. It going to be a busy October. Hopefully I'll get a little more reading in though!

And that was my month! How was yours?

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