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A romance I read because I needed more Scotland

I got back from a whirlwind 5 days in Scotland last week, and I wish I could go back already. (Curse you school!) So, to slake my need for more Scotland (without missing class), I picked up this.

This e-book was provided by the author for review.
Lake of Destiny by Martina Boone
Series: Celtic Legends #1
Genres: Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Published on April 25, 2017
Published by Mayfair Publishing
Final Rating: 2 stars
A magical Highland romance about men in kilts, destiny, family, healing, and the sometimes twisted path to love by the award-winning author of Compulsion.

Helping her aunt organize a Beltane Festival in a picturesque Highland village seems like the perfect escape from Anna’s second broken engagement and the meltdown that wrecked her legal career. But to succeed, she’ll need to wrangle kilt-wearing villagers, dangerous sheep, a disaster of a dog, and the reclusive laird who refuses to open his property to the public for the ancient tradition of “Sighting.”

For centuries, Loch Fàil in Balwhither has been known to locals as a "thin" place, one where the veil between worlds peels back on Beltane morning to show the face of a person's one true love. The tradition could draw tourists by the busload, but that’s exactly what Connal MacGregor fears will reveal the two secrets he's been desperately keeping hidden.

While Anna struggles to mediate between the needs of the village and Connal’s need to protect his identity and his child, Anna finds herself falling in love with all of them: Connal and his daughter, the magical glen, the villagers. But day by day, opening herself to love exposes deep scars from Anna’s childhood, and confronting those wounds could finally set her free--or endanger her every chance of happiness.
Lake of Destiny will appeal to contemporary readers looking for a light read centered around a sweet romance. I definitely got Highland vibes (and sheep), and there are some great humorous moments toward the beginning.

After that, protagonist, Anna, got a little melodramatic and repetitive with her inner monologues for my taste. I also couldn't fully suspend disbelief for the "meltdown that wrecked her legal career." Not that it can't happen (and have disastrous consequences), but . . . in a large firm specializing in that area, it was a little hard to swallow. Finally, I wanted more of the humor we had at the beginning, but I always want more humor.

These are all personal preference issues, and I know a lot of people will love seeing Anna rediscover herself and what she loves. If you like contemporary romance or want a small peek at Scotland, Lake of Destiny may be for you.

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  1. I tried a different book by Martina Boone and it wasn't for me so I'm not sure if this one would be either. But I like the sound of a Scottish romance! I've definitely found certain aspects of books hard to suspend disbelief for; makes it hard to stay in the story.

    1. I haven't read any other Boone books, so I'm not sure if this is typical of her writing. I know I read another Scottish romance a number of years back that I liked more, but there's always a little disbelief to suspend, especially with short timeline romances. :)

  2. I like the Scotland setting for sure! Jealous of your trip, sorry you had to be back so soon. I think that Anna would be a little "much" for my taste too, especially since I am really picky about romances. Great review, sorry this one didn't work as well as you'd hoped!

    1. Thanks Shannon! I was especially sorry to be back when I went to class the next morning. ^^; "Much" is a good word, but at least it had the Highland sheep. One openly mocked me on the Isle of Skye, lol. Good times.