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February Adventures: School, Work and Secret Sisters


February was rough. Adventure #1 was an intensive advanced evidence class that took place over the course of two weekends. The class wasn't bad, but it was Friday through Sunday, combined with pro bono mediation training and tax prep volunteering. And a couple of the clerks at work were out for the February bar exam, so I've been pulling extra hours there too. All told, I was driving up to school or work basically every day this month. I'm ready to have my four-day weekends back. :)

Surprisingly, I still got a little reading done!

Books I Read:

One was a reread, one was a freebie, one had been sitting on my shelf for a while, but the only one I can recommend is Heartstone. It's inspired by Pride & Prejudice and has all of the drama and romance, but with dragons and other fantastical creatures mixed in.

Finally, February marked the start of a new round of OTSP secret sister.

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I'm super excited to learn more about my new secret sister and sistee! Planning ahead and getting most of the stuff I need for my person's packages was a little harder during the semester than it was during the summer, but I think I got all but a few little extras. I love that with this project I'm just as excited to send gifts as I am to receive them!

And that was my February! It was more of the "everyday adventure" variety than January, but a success nonetheless. (Provided I passed that intensive class. They still haven't released the grades. :P)

How was your month? Read any good books?


  1. Aw yay, Secret Sister is so fun! I really hope I can join again one of these days. I hope you did well in your class (I feel like you probably did hah) and I definitely hope things calm down and you have some nice weekend time, too!

    1. You definitely should! Rejoin the cheer mongers! I still don't know how I did in that class. :P Ah well, we'll leave the Schrodinger's Cat of a grade to the admins and hurry up and apply to jobs while the GPA is still good. ;) There's still a TON to do, but I'm forcing in some fun time this weekend. I hope your weekend is nice and relaxing and full of good books!