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January Adventures: Scotland, Knitting and Books


The biggest January Adventure was easily my week in Scotland! Technically 5 days, but who's counting? I posted a few of my best photos over on Instagram. Here's a sample:

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I got two days in Edinburgh, during which I stayed at a hostel, explored, saw a musical, ate tasty food, and climbed up to Arthur's Seat (which was amazing and FREEZING). The other three days went to a tour through the Highlands and the Isle of Skye. It was beautiful and amazing, and I'd love to go back!

In other news . . .

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I finished knitting my first scarf! And started a second, which hopefully won't take me quite as long.

Books I Read:

I have a few more details on Goodreads, but the short of it is: if you're a historical romance fan, you'll probably like When a Scot Ties the Knot and/or Snowspelled. If you're an urban fantasy and/or Kate Daniels fan, you'll probably like Burn for Me. If you LOVE detail after historical detail after historical detail, you might like A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome. (I had to read it for a class. The writing isn't bad, but it was SO much detail.)

I was surprised I got through so many this month, what with the trip and school starting. I can already guarantee February's count will be lower, but oh well. I'm way ahead on my Goodreads Challenge!

And now back to my February Adventures! :)


  1. Oh WOW Scotland looks and sounds incredible! I am only about 98% jealous :) (Just kidding, I am at full 100% hahah.) ANd wow, pretty great reading month too, yay! Very impressed at your knitting, too, it's so pretty!! Hope February is treating you well!

    1. It really was amazing! My only regret is that it's now down to the bottom of my travel list because I've been there and there are so many other places I still haven't seen. ^^; Thank you, Shannon!