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March Adventures: Weddings, Work & the PokeRap


It was another busy month. I did my taxes, went to a couple of lecture events, put in volunteer hours, grabbed ramen with an old high school friend, worked, and then ran down to Florida for my little sister's wedding. I drove down with my folks, was actually in Florida for 1.5 days, and then flew back home.

Yeah, my little sister is officially married. It was a sunrise beach wedding. There were a lot of seagulls. :)

Then I got home, wrote a paper, went back to work and school, binged most of "Cranford" during a snow day, and applied to take the Bar Exam. Duh duh DUH!!

I got a little bit of fun reading done in between all this. One of them was from this month's OTSP Secret Sister package, which rocked a March Monsters theme! The mix CD has the PokeRap. Need I say more?


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