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The 100 Reactions, Eps 1-5: The Skeptic Skewers

Shannon at It Starts at Midnight is a HUGE fan of the TV show The 100. (See her episode recaps and other The 100 posts here.) She talked me into giving it a try once Bar season was over, and here we are.

The basic premise per IMDB:
Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet.
I started writing my reactions to each episode on Twitter (mostly for Shannon's entertainment), but the thread felt disjointed, and that character limit was...limiting. So, blog post!

In case it wasn't obvious, there could be spoilers below for The 100, Season 1, Episodes 1-5. Again, last chance.


Now, on to the fun!

Reactions, Episodes 1-5: The Skeptic Skewers

S1/E1: Bellamy's a selfish idiot, knew the goggles kid was a red shirt, wish Octavia had died first.

S1/E2: Bellamy's an idiot. Octavia's an idiot (can we PLEASE kill her off?). Why isn't the gogglehead dead?! And really guys? Goofing off like food/shelter/clothes/protection aren't issues? I feel like more of you should be suffering from hunger pangs at least. Also, if your timeline's THAT bad on the Ark, send 'em all down to Earth?

S1/E3: Bellamy's a loser. I can identify with Clarke in some ways, but Finn's the only character I like right now, so he'll probably die/turn into a brat soon. Usually the case. I just started liking Wells and...

Yeah. Also, y'all better get on the juvenile capital punishment train FAST because there's a psycho in the house. The 100's chances of survival were low enough, being mostly unskilled teens, but when the council sent the murderers down too and zero adult supervision/law enforcement?

S1/E4: Bellamy fails. Again. And after the camp went Lord of the Flies, one psycho down, one kind of down? ($5 says Murphy will be back. Unfortunately.) But the Clarke drama (with her family) and Finn drama (with Clarke) is feeling kind of contrived and forced? Can we not? It's like, aw, you have hurt feelings...

They've both been like Fonzie so far and suddenly they're...Potsie and Ralph? Be cool, guys. Just be cool.

S1/E5: Ooh, the plot thickens! I'm still finding the issues on the Ark more compelling than the problems/drama on the ground, but it looks like the danger is about to get more real there, too. Bellamy continues to disappoint in both action and motivation. Just...I need to start seeing some character growth and complexity here FAST 'cause all he's done so far is screw up and screw around. Also, I hope Clarke gets over this "distraction" and gets back to work ASAP. Please, I'm begging: let there be one sensible person who is more concerned with survival than romance/lust/instant gratification. A little less...

A little more...

Long story short: I overthink these things way too much. ^^ I've been digging into every decision the Ark council has made, questioning whether it was really the best/only option. Abby's character has been the most intriguing so far, but we'll see what happens next.

I'm going to finish out Season 1 and decide whether to continue from there. It's definitely been a slow start, but it seems to be picking up as of Episode 5.

Have you watched The 100? Plan to? If you have, when did you start really enjoying the show?


  1. Oh this is awesome. Love "gogglehead"! And yes those early days- my reactions to some of those characters changed SO much over time! And Wells... that shocked me, not gonna lie. Did NOT see that coming.

    Abby is fascinating, especially in the early going, I thought. Fun seeing your thoughts on this, hope you enjoy it more as it goes. I definitely think it gets better as it goes...

    1. Haha, thanks! I wasn't super shocked by Wells. I kind of felt like they'd done all they wanted to with his character; he went through the crucible and he's still the same self-sacrificing, rule-following nice guy. Now, time to use his death as a foil for someone else's development and/or death! ;)

  2. I have this problem where I stop watching shows I really love in the middle of the series for no reason at all (The 100, Supergirl, OUAT...). I’ll need to start over though because my memory is a bit fuzzy.

    1. I can see that. You love the show, but maybe you're just not as invested at the moment, or something else caught your eye, or you need a change of pace for a bit. Luckily, most of today's stuff is readily accessible when you feel like going back to it! :)

  3. This makes me SO happy! So here's the thing about The 100- there are no "good guys". And there are no "bad guys", for the most part. Everything is very, very morally gray and you'll start to see that more toward the end of S1 and VERY much in S2. You are going to meet a new character soon who I hope you LOVE. And you'll see a LOT of decisions (yes, morally gray ones!) having to be made where... IS there even a right answer?

    Also I feel you with the analysis. I think as the show goes on, it makes more sense why the people on the Ark were not really "together"- again, it comes into play a lot in Season 2. The main thing is, just because they're adults, does that mean they know what they're doing? I mean- I am an adult and definitely no, I would probably make some terrible decisions up there!

    At first I was skeptical too, like I said- but as I went on, it was kind of like- but wait, people make awful decisions all the TIME, right? So why should these people be any different? Granted, the consequences for them are more significant, but if anything, I imagine that makes people LESS likely to think well, being under pressure. Also, a lot of the information they have to work with is mostly calculated guessing, so that is an issue too. GAH I really hope you start to like it so that you can do this for all the seasons hahah

    1. want me to rip apart all 5 seasons of your favorite show? Lol! I totally agree that people in power can make horrible and/or uninformed decisions, but nothing I've heard so far is sufficient to excuse or justify these decisions (and the conduct leading up to them) in my head. Every carpenter knows to measure twice, cut once. If you're in charge of the survival of the last remnants of the human your due diligence folks. :P Granted, I'm super picky, but if I've thought of 15 other options just off the top of my head, it would probably be good for the writers to better address why this was the best option, not just the one they went with. They may have not wanted to info-bomb everyone up front though, and counted on overthinkers like me being in the minority. ^^;