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The 100 Reactions, Eps 6-7: Idiocracy, The Sequel

And we're back with more reactions to The 100! Shannon at It Starts at Midnight is a HUGE fan of The 100. (See her episode recaps and other The 100 posts here.) She talked me into giving it a try once Bar season was over, and she will likely regret asking to hear my thoughts before this is over. ^^;

I was going to wait to post until I had another 5 episodes, but clearly my thoughts (and accompanying gifs) run rampant when not constrained by Twitter's character limit. I will try to be more concise next time.

In case it wasn't obvious, there could be spoilers below for The 100, Season 1, Episodes 6-7. Again, last chance.


Now, on to the fun!

Reactions, Episodes 6-7: Idiocracy, The Sequel

S1/E6: Eh, I was hoping for a bit more information on the Grounders. Which we could have gotten if we didn't immediately try to kill people. Bellamy, can you not be the most useless kid on the planet? Didn't your guard training teach you to know your enemy? Knowledge is power? Like, seriously Bellamy. You're basically this guy:

Or this guy:

But at least he can do math and knows when to NOT throw things in the river. Enjoy that meteor shower, buddy.

Also, I called it on Finn. Turned into a brat. What do you mean, you're not sure you can? At least break up with the other girl before you start pulling these lines. I mean, grr. He's all...

And I'm over here just shaking my head...

Stop your whining and pick one (or none) and be done with it! Clarke and Raven could have been best friends if you'd handled this like a man and been up front with everybody from the start.

On another note, Bellamy and the rest of camp better keep disliking and/or hurting Clarke because these writers seem to have a thing for killing off anyone who cares about her and makes her happy. (Only reason Abby's still alive is because Clarke hates her right now.) Kind of like...

Hmm...I'll be keeping an eye out for police boxes and creatures yelling "Exterminate!" just in case.

S1/E7: Oh my...ARRRGGHH! Why are people getting progressively dumber?!

So, apparently Bellamy heard my rant from last episode and decided, "Intel good." Unfortunately, he then went about "gathering" it in the stupidest way possible. Why yes, let's go grab a guy who may or may not speak English and beat him up until he "talks."

And I'm glad Octavia finally figured out the right answer, but come on. I called that as soon as they yelled poison, so really...

Clarke, you have to get over this focused-on-emotions nonsense. If you don't want to be that kind of (horrible) neighbor, make better choices. This was not your only option. (In fact, it was clearly an exercise in futility.) Have we not learned yet that Bellamy makes horrible decisions? Get your head on straight and start being smart again.

Also, you have no detainment facilities and you can't let him go? Dude, offer him a tent next to your sister's and he ain't going anywhere.

To the Ark council: you too continue to amaze with your galactic scale blinders. 2,500 people? Drop ships for 700? Oh my, whatever will we do?

There is room on this door for everyone!

Let's see, that mechanic girl revamped an old pod and made it to earth. Hmm, big space station...lots of parts...

Or, if that's too much work for you, why not revamp the drop ships and send them down with enough spare parts that you can send them up again to get more people? Gasp! I better see someone at least consider these ideas next episode.

That's all for now! I'm really enjoying all the concepts and ideas at play, but the lack of logic in handling my brain too much else to spin on. Although, I suppose I should give most of the characters props for being consistent in their tunnel vision and poor decision-making skills. (Except Clarke. She started out a lot smarter.)

I'm still holding out hope I'll reach that point people talk about where the story grabs me so much I don't notice the issues. Okay, let's be honest: I'll always notice the issues, but I might focus on them less, lol.


  1. This is hilarious! So I think one of the things I love about it is that people don't always make great decisions? Just like life! But yeah capturing Lincoln was stupid. But here's the thing, in hindsight: the Delinquents have NO idea how the world works, plus they're just dumb kids, letsl be real.

    Speaking of the Titanic with no life boat, the way THAT goes down is WILD and I can't wait for you to get there! As for Clarke, she'll get her head back on straight. And lose it again, and repeat, Because this is The 100, after all! 😂

    1. Like, I know intellectually people don't always make great decisions, but when characters repeatedly make horrendous decisions...I start questioning how they're still alive. ^^ I also have this thing about watching train wrecks: I hate watching them. If I and every other person exercising a modicum of common sense can see how badly this will go from 100 miles out, and you still do it, seemingly oblivious to the danger? *shuddders*

      It is interesting that you have Clarke, who was exercising good judgment until an episode or two ago...and Bellamy (who's technically an adult and should have more life experience than these kids), who has basically landed on a tiger that could eat him, and instead of figuring out how the stripy world works, has decided to poke it with a pointy stick. Repeatedly.

      I do appreciate the whole "once you're in power, you find out idealism and magic solutions don't match up with reality" message. But also, be judicious about employing it? The worst decision is not always the only decision! I'm a little scared to see how they handle the Titanic situation. >.> But as long as you're enjoying it, lol!