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The 100 Reactions, Eps 8-13: The Disney Edition

And we're back with more reactions to The 100! Shannon at It Starts at Midnight is a HUGE fan of The 100. (See her episode recaps and other The 100 posts here.) She talked me into giving it a try once Bar season was over, and I'm super surprised she's still excited to hear my thoughts given how badly I've ripped the show's plotting and logic so far. ;)

I exercised some restraint  on length this time, so here go reactions to the rest of Season 1!

In case it wasn't obvious, there could be spoilers below for The 100, Season 1, Episodes 8-13. Again, last chance.


Now, on to the fun!

Reactions, Episodes 8-13: The Disney Edition

S1/E8: Glad Bellamy had a come to Jesus moment. Sad he still lacks brains.

Finn, your misdealings cost you your influence with Clarke. Be ashamed.

Clarke, stop saying "no choice" or "did the best I could." Stop making excuses. Start making better choices. Octavia, you're a brat. Also, y'all should probably start testing food before getting the whole camp high.

S1/E9: The camp is already overly dependent on the guns.

Clarke's negotiating skills suck. (So many options. You picked Instant War.) Bellamy messed things up. Again. But it's not entirely his fault for once? And up on the Ark...this is what you get for not crowdsourcing ideas on the lifeboat problem ASAP. And for not detaining the obviously evil lady as soon as the bomb went off. Also, Octavia is looking really, REALLY young (and immature) next to this guy...

...and I'm just not getting/buying the relationship?

S1/E10: Octavia has a little too much special-ness going on. (Has a sibling, catches eye of hot Grounder, immune to bioweapon, etc. Cue eye-roll.) Thank you Raven for being the mature one and finally putting an end to this triangle nonsense! And Psycho #1 has reestablished his residency. Bellamy and Clarke continue to bring out the worst in each other. Clarke starts parroting his logic and priorities and stops thinking outside the box. It's a feedback loop that only encourages Bellamy's bad thinking and worst tendencies.

On the bright side, there appear to be big baddies on the horizon. On the dark side, the writers are playing coy about what actually went splat and who was on it and how the Ark fares.

S1/E11: And so much for Raven being mature. Bellamy continues his streak of horrible life choices. Look at Kane stepping up and being useful. Is Finn actually dead? Probably not yet. It'll happen, but I feel like it'll be up close and personal and overly dramatic slow-mo when it does. Clarke's so much more fun when she's taking care of business (as opposed to whiny, indecisive, overthinking, emotional Clarke).

S1/E12: Okay, I'm confused. Did I miss the part where they said the other 6 pod ships blew up? They weren't all stashed at the same loading bay, were they? And regardless, your first thought is "time to die," not "how do we get to the ground?" This makes Jaha's aha moment somewhat less impressive. Back on earth, I still don't get his fascination with Octavia, but Lincoln kinda rocks. Bellamy...remind me again why we're not killing the serial killer who will almost certainly survive (like a cockroach) and come back to kill you one day? AND you want to stay in a barely defensible position and be overrun?

Clarke, I am proud to see you being a rational human being again. Please continue raining on Bellamy's inspiring speech parade.

S1/E13: Yay, Clarke and Finn both used their brains and thought of other options beyond those presented!

I see they are not done with Kane's redemption arc, but we all knew where Jaha's martyr complex and grief were going to lead. Not sure about Finn, but $5 says Bellamy survived the rocket blast. Possibly Tristan too. And probably Murphy. They're all cockroach types. I feel like Lincoln will survive a bit longer. He's kind of like the Gibbs of this show; you can't kill him (or almost kill him) without pulling out something really big. Unfortunately, Octavia goes on as well. She's grown a bit, but something about her character annoys me, and I still don't get why Lincoln is supposed to be gaga for her.

Also not thrilled they left off on a cliffhanger.

But seriously, how did you and all your fancy space equipment and technology never bother to point a telescope at the earth's surface on a clear day long enough to see the signs of MULTIPLE humans surviving?

Okay, some of them were hiding in a mountain, but there are shenanigans afoot. If you'd looked, you would have at least noticed animals. And I'm not up on my radiation facts, but could you have all those tall green trees if the surface were totally unlivable? I know you saw the trees! Lack of due diligence right there. You could have been building proper escape pods for years. AKA, zero pity for your considerable losses and cullings.

I'm still not sure if I want to continue the show. On the one hand, it has a lot of interesting ideas that get the creative juices flowing. On the other hand, it has a lot of frustrating characters and bad plot choices that get the creative juices flowing. It's about time to dive back into bar studying, so the decision might be out of my hands for a while anyway. We shall see. :)

Did anyone have similar thoughts/feelings/questions in Season 1? If you kept watching, did you like Season 2 more or less?


  1. Oh I have SO MANY THOUGHTS! I am on S2 of my rewatch so this is pretty fresh for me, too. I love that you call Murphy a cockroach because that is how he refers to himself forever and that is fun! Also, he really is. Lincoln is EVERYTHING. I have so many feelings about Lincoln but honestly there would never have been ANY attempt at peace without him so. Octavia also gets SOOOOOOO different- like I think she underwent the most change of anyone in the series?

    So did you not like the solution of bringing the Ark to the ground? I think that the only real viable solution had been the Exodus ship- as far as I could tell- and then Diana took it, so. I do wonder why they never saw ANY human interaction on the ground- it DOES seem suspect? (Sidenote: I feel like you are going to KILL IT on the bar exam because you find all these little things about The 100 ;) )

    1. Haha, I knew you would! Does Murphy actually refer to himself as a cockroach? He's such a drama queen.

      These kids are not bright, or they would have been utilized Lincoln more as a resource. You are strangers in a new world and you had a Pocahontas right there, willing to show you how to paint with all the colors of the wind (and, you know, what was poison, medicine, dangerous, how to fight, etc.), and you...kidnapped and tortured him, then got him shot and in trouble with his superiors when he tried to help? Losers. (Yes, I snuck in another Disney reference. ^^ And wait a minute, isn't that second half ACTUALLY the plot from Pocahontas for John Smith? Hmm...)

      Octavia...I expect she will get different, being fully immersed in the grounder world, but also...I don't know. Her whole character/plot arc has been feeling really forced to me? It'll take a lot to make it believable on the backend 'cause those shaky foundations will stay in my head.

      Bringing the Ark to the ground was fine except, I was pretty sure they said they had 7 of those Exodus ship things? And I thought Diana's ship was just the first to be sent down with more later? Hence the "were they all docked together and they all exploded" question. So, bringing the Ark down is a fine solution; I just wasn't clear on why we were down to one solution. (Although, living in space with no oxygen and all, y'all probably should have had more ships on standby anyway in case, I don't know, a giant asteroid or meteor storm flew in? It happened in Gravity.)

      I wish I could count on remembering things on the bar exam this well, LOL! I do remember law things, but I always remember story/random things way better. I always said I'd be golden if they only taught for the bar with animated musicals, haha.

  2. Bwahahah he does! But so do others? Murphy has become a very interesting character.

    Lincoln was definitely underutilized by the Delinquents. Except for Octavia 😁 But he plays a much bigger role in S2. In terms of both Skaikru and Grounder politics.

    O... I don't even where to start with how much shess changed. You see her mature a lot in S2. Become more independent, more self-assured. But it gets bananas eventually, and that's all I'll say there!

    As for the Exodus ship, you're right, I do remember there being more than one, though I think the others were significantly smaller? I DO think that everything in the area was destroyed, based on the way Wick and Sinclair and Jaha were explaining it? They definitely should have had more ships- though I guess they had a population problem in general? Hence the running out of not just air, but all the resources.

    And I have a feeling that you'll do amazing on the Bar! Just make connections to Disney movies and you're set!