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One Year Older, One Year Thankful

I had a birthday this month. It's been a year of big life changes. I took my first solo vacation abroad. I graduated law school. I took the New Jersey bar exam (still waiting on the results). I moved into a new apartment and am living completely alone (no dog, no nothing) for the first time.

And some things never change. I read a bunch of books (60 from birthday to birthday). I attempted crafts, some attempts more successful than others. (I'm still knitting this second scarf.) I'm still a spendthrift/cheapskate. I'm still a nerd.

I usually use this space to tell people when I find good books, but today I'd like to reflect on all the people who have helped me make it through this year and say thank you.

I want to thank God. I couldn't have made it without him. I want to thank my family. My parents were behind me 100% through law school and beyond, and it would have a been a whole different story without them. I want to thank the law school friends who helped me understand things that didn't click, commiserated over exams and bar prep, and just sat and talked like we were still normal people with lives outside of school. We weren't, but it was nice of you to pretend with me.

I want to thank all the wonderful people I've met through the #OTSPsecretsister program and especially my sister pen pals. You'll never know just how far a little cheer went. I want to thank the blogger friends who talked books and life and everything in between. I want to thank the friends who encouraged me to try their favorite TV shows and laughed graciously when I critiqued said shows with Disney gifs. I want to thank everyone who prayed for me, made me laugh, and pushed me to work harder, and to relax. Thank you for every little, seemingly insignificant gesture of kindness. It wasn't insignificant.

This birthday, I celebrate that I'm still standing after all the change. I hope to hold onto the good and let go of the bad. But this birthday, more than anything, I'm grateful for all the amazing, good-hearted people in my life. You guys are incredible, and you deserve celebration. Thank you.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! XD Congrats on so many great accomplishments!

    1. Thank you, Sam! I gotta say, I'm starting to feel OLD, lol.

  2. Hope it was a great day for you. I wish you all the best! You are a great blogger.