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Merry Christmas to All

Hi guys! So, I've kind of checked out of blog-land for a bit. I'm still reading (just hit 60 books for the year!) and doing OTSP secret sister and TBTBSanta gift exchanges and stuff, but between work and bar prep (mostly bar prep), I'm not feeling super inspired to blog? Or I guess, more accurately, I have a bunch of post ideas, but no energy to write them, lol?

So this is an "I'm still alive and will see you again more regularly after the February Pennsylvania bar exam" post. I really, really pray I pass because I would love NEVER to take another bar exam. Ever. But I have a lot of post ideas, some of them bookish, some of them life-ish, and some of them lazy cooking/adulting related. I'm looking forward to getting back to chatting with people in this medium again. Twitter and Instragram are great for some things, but blogging definitely does some things better.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you! I hope you have a great holiday season and lots of fun and good books in the new year. I'll be back in March. Until then, happy reading!


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