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When a Mood Makes You Put a Book Down

I'm back to blogging! Quick recap: the Pennsylvania bar exam is over--just waiting on results. My clerkship ends in August, so I'm in job-hunting mode. Otherwise, it's the usual: work, reading, a little TV, a little exercise (need to work on that), and messing around with a story idea. And now blogging again, too!

Today, I want to chat about how sometimes a story doesn't work for me because I'm in a particular mood or headspace. It's a weird place to be because I'm still interested in the story, but I just can't deal with how it's playing out? Which makes me sound like a mess (which I probably am, haha), but basically I reach a tipping point where frustration outweighs enjoyment, and I want to enjoy what I'm reading for fun. Or at least not want to throw things. ;)


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