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April-May Catching Up


First things first: in case you didn't see, I passed the Pennsylvania bar exam! Whoo! Super happy!

In other news, I hate to say it, but it's a little hard to get back into the habit of blogging after taking a couple of months off. It's not entirely surprising. About 99% of my daily energy goes to work and job hunting, and I haven't read many books this year that have wowed me (or that I've hated with enough of a passion to rant, haha). So I'm sitting in this awkward middle ground where I don't feel like I have a lot to say, but I want to reengage and get back in the blogging habit...

Book News:
I'm coming up on the end of a Kindle Unlimited trial. It has some good reads, but I haven't seen enough of them to warrant the $10/month price tag, so it'll probably be good-bye after this.

And I am going to one day of BookCon in June!

I don't have a schedule planned yet, but I'm trying to keep it fun and loosey-goosey. If you want to say hi or hang out or need an emergency food/coffee drop while you're waiting in a ridiculously long line (I am making an empanada run at some point), let me know!

Oh, and I randomly started messing with my Goodreads ratings, which I will probably come to regret. But I had all these 3-stars from this year, and they ranged from "really liked it and just a few things brought it down" to "I only liked half of it" to "it just barely made it out of meh territory." That seemed useless, so I bumped a few up to 4 stars. Now I'm debating whether I need to go back and make similar fixes with all my past ratings. Which would be a lot of work. I probably won't. I mean, a 3-star rating hasn't kept me from rereading or recommending something I liked, and sometimes I find myself rereading things I didn't love the first time around and not rereading things I loved on the first read. All that to say, I make no sense. Anyone else have similar experiences?


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