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April-May Catching Up


First things first: in case you didn't see, I passed the Pennsylvania bar exam! Whoo! Super happy!

In other news, I hate to say it, but it's a little hard to get back into the habit of blogging after taking a couple of months off. It's not entirely surprising. About 99% of my daily energy goes to work and job hunting, and I haven't read many books this year that have wowed me (or that I've hated with enough of a passion to rant, haha). So I'm sitting in this awkward middle ground where I don't feel like I have a lot to say, but I want to reengage and get back in the blogging habit...

Book News:
I'm coming up on the end of a Kindle Unlimited trial. It has some good reads, but I haven't seen enough of them to warrant the $10/month price tag, so it'll probably be good-bye after this.

And I am going to one day of BookCon in June!

I don't have a schedule planned yet, but I'm trying to keep it fun and loosey-goosey. If you want to say hi or hang out or need an emergency food/coffee drop while you're waiting in a ridiculously long line (I am making an empanada run at some point), let me know!

Oh, and I randomly started messing with my Goodreads ratings, which I will probably come to regret. But I had all these 3-stars from this year, and they ranged from "really liked it and just a few things brought it down" to "I only liked half of it" to "it just barely made it out of meh territory." That seemed useless, so I bumped a few up to 4 stars. Now I'm debating whether I need to go back and make similar fixes with all my past ratings. Which would be a lot of work. I probably won't. I mean, a 3-star rating hasn't kept me from rereading or recommending something I liked, and sometimes I find myself rereading things I didn't love the first time around and not rereading things I loved on the first read. All that to say, I make no sense. Anyone else have similar experiences?

Life News:
Pretty much unchanged? As I said, I passed the PA bar, and I'm still job hunting for a post-clerkship gig.

I did some foil packet chicken meal prep last weekend that turned out pretty good. Cook once on the weekend, get four days of different flavors ready to pop in the microwave. And I cooked fried rice instead of chopping up a salad one night this week! Major accomplishment considering I usually can't bring myself to turn on the stove or cook anything more complicated than a microwave quesadilla or toss a freezer pizza in the oven on a weeknight. :)

I got a little spring cleaning done, too! A few more items joined the giveaway pile, which includes a couple books. Question: do you think I should offer them online to anyone who wants to pay shipping first, or just take them to Salvation Army or somewhere? I like the idea of getting used books straight to new readers, but worth the time and effort?

I saw Captain Marvel, but no, I still haven't seen Endgame. I'm kind of waiting for the craze and crowds to die down a little. But maybe this week. Everybody seems to love it so far, and I'm interested to see how they wrap up this story arc. Also thinking about seeing Shazam. I haven't seen a ton of reviews for it, but it looks silly and fun. Which would work because . . .

When I have the time, I've been in the mood for silly, light, escapist shows lately, or home improvement/organization/design videos. I don't have that talent for spatial thinking that some do, but something about reworking a space to make more efficient use of it appeals to the creative/productive piece of my brain. I started rewatching Eureka, a sci-fi/comedy series about a town full of geniuses where experiments frequently go wrong and the new sheriff has to deal with them.

Otherwise it's a mix of whatever's on, cooking shows, and the occasional anime. Did you see they started a new anime of Fruits Basket? I remember when that series first published, back when I was SUPER into manga. I feel old now. :)

That's been my April/May so far! What have you been up to? Anyone else going to BEA/BookCon?


  1. I am sad that I won't be at BEA/BookCon. I haven't gone in years, mostly because they increased their prices so much and deemed me suddenly unworthy of a press pass but shhh I am not bitter 😂

    Congrats again on passing the bar! And now you can work HERE! Actually- don't work HERE-here because no one wants to be here hahaha but you COULD! As for your book question... ugh, I mean, I often try to rehome them online but it IS exhausting? But then I worry about what happens to them at a donation center. I have started being a book fairy at Little Free Libraries and THAT is fun AND easy AND you know it is going directly to readers!

    1. Aw, I'm sad you won't be there too! But it is a pricy venture, especially if you don't live in or near NYC and need a hotel. I'm just taking the train up for BookCon on Saturday, but if you'd like me to keep an eye out for any particular books/authors, let me know!

      I could technically work anywhere in PA, haha, but have to find someone who's hiring and will pay me a decent rate first. ;)

      That kind of matches what I've seen. One's an ARC I won in a giveaway and didn't love, but I feel like I ought to pass it on... Little Free Libraries look so cool! I don't know if there are any in my area, but that did remind me one of the local libraries has a book sale coming up. Maybe I can drop stuff off with them...although I usually avoid dropping ARCs anywhere they'll be sold. Dilemmas, dilemmas. Maybe I'll toss them on Twitter, say first to DM has 24 hours to Venmo me shipping money. No money, no mailing, next, lol. Probably depends on how burned out I am from work this weekend. Hope you're doing well, Shannon!

  2. CONGRATS on passing the bar - that is huge. Aw, sorry I missed you at Book Expo of whatever they are calling it these days. I also got denied a press pass (waves at Shannon) and because I had a ton of stuff going on that week, decided to skip this year.

    1. *Cue super late response* I am so sorry! I was getting so many spam comments, I turned on comment moderation and for some reason thought Blogger would email me about new comments like it did before and . . . it didn't. Blogging fail. :P But thank you so much! Skipping this year sounds like the right call, but maybe next year! I won't be as close to NYC then, but I might still run up for a day of BookCon on the weekend, or maybe the Brooklyn Book Festival in the fall. I've never been to that. :)