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June Recap: BookCon, Big News and Blog Bewilderment

It's been a while again. Where to start?

Big news:  I found a post-clerkship job for September. Very excited to have that covered. Now I just need to find my next apartment and we'll be all set.

Other June stuff:  The whole family got together for a week in Florida. I finally met my new niece in person, took many walks on a lovely beach, and even hit a few tennis balls. I got to a barbecue and a pizza night, and otherwise it's pretty much been work, sleep, and a very little cooking.

Also, my ancient smartphone gave me a scare: the dreaded "question mark" battery power. Yeah. A good night's charge seems to have it back to normal, but it might be nearing time to order a replacement.

Book stuff:  My feet survived a day at BookCon, and I grabbed a few books!

The super cute picture book, How to Make a Monster Smile, went to the niece. I thought Crush was a fantastic middle grade graphic novel!  Kingdom of Exiles was fun, although I wanted a little more detail on the world-building (definite Pokemon vibes here), and I wish the progression of the main relationship had grabbed me a little more. I haven't read the rest yet. So many books, so little time, as always.


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