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June Recap: BookCon, Big News and Blog Bewilderment

It's been a while again. Where to start?

Big news:  I found a post-clerkship job for September. Very excited to have that covered. Now I just need to find my next apartment and we'll be all set.

Other June stuff:  The whole family got together for a week in Florida. I finally met my new niece in person, took many walks on a lovely beach, and even hit a few tennis balls. I got to a barbecue and a pizza night, and otherwise it's pretty much been work, sleep, and a very little cooking.

Also, my ancient smartphone gave me a scare: the dreaded "question mark" battery power. Yeah. A good night's charge seems to have it back to normal, but it might be nearing time to order a replacement.

Book stuff:  My feet survived a day at BookCon, and I grabbed a few books!

The super cute picture book, How to Make a Monster Smile, went to the niece. I thought Crush was a fantastic middle grade graphic novel!  Kingdom of Exiles was fun, although I wanted a little more detail on the world-building (definite Pokemon vibes here), and I wish the progression of the main relationship had grabbed me a little more. I haven't read the rest yet. So many books, so little time, as always.

Also, I recently finished a Kindle Unlimited trial and, while I finished a series I'd been working through and found some other decent reads, it's not worth the money for me to continue. At least not as its stock and my current reading habits stand.

Blog Stuff:  On that note, I still really haven't read a lot of books this year that got me bouncing up and down excited. I'll be honest: my energy and enthusiasm for blogging has been . . . low. I like the idea of getting back in the habit, but I keep finding I don't have much to say, or that I've already covered what little I do have to say in another forum? Like reading (Goodreads), OTSPsecretsister (Instagram/Twitter), random thoughts/gifs (Twitter).

Honestly, the only bits of my life that aren't covered online are being super frugal and my meal prepping/lazy cooking attempts, lol. And hey, that might be worth talking about. I know I've shared my go-to rice recipe with at least one person! There are also other "creative endeavors" I've been meaning to restart or do more on (like drawing, writing, photography), but I don't know if they'll result in blog content or take time from blogging?

Long story short, I'm still struggling to figure out what kind of content to create here and what I'm excited about creating. I just know, whatever it is, it needs to be something I'm excited about (or it won't get done), and it needs to make me laugh. And hopefully you too. :)

Talk to me. Anybody do anything fun in June, or have fun plans coming up? Anyone else struggling with content creation or allocating your energy between different creative projects?


  1. I am still so in love with the Baby-Sitters CLub thing! Worth it for that alone hah. Also CONGRATS on the job! So happy that all your hard work has paid off! And also so great that you got to see your family and meet your niece!!

    I too have the content problem. Every so often I'll sign up for a bunch of blog tours so I am forced to post and then there's The 100 and... I'm fresh out haha. I haven't written a discussion post in AGES, because my brain has no useful info to share! So I feel you and I also agree that you should only do what's fun. It's my new blogging motto, except the reviews and blog tours but hey, I do that to myself 😂

    1. THANK YOU! I'm so glad to be done job hunting, I can't even tell you. As for the blog tours . . . deadlines and accountability definitely get results, right? Lol. I'm pretty sure I don't want to go back to my old review format, and I definitely need to throw in some other topics unless I want to be panning books all day until I reach the rare 4-star (which, let's face it, might be fun >.>), but what to do? I think I just need to find a new SHINY. You know, like Dug in Up and SQUIRRELS!! O.O

  2. Argh, Blogger isn’t letting me comment. If this goes through, congrats on the new job!!!

    1. Success! The comment moderation thing seems to be more trouble than it's worth, although it does catch a lot of spam. And thank you, Jen! It's definitely a huge weight off my chest, and I'm looking forward to this next chapter.