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Lazy Meal Prepping: Rice 7 Ways

Most of the time, I am a lazy cook. Every so often I am filled with energy and creativity and I can't wait to experiment and make something new! And hopefully edible! That's rare. Most days, I do not want to spend more than 5 minutes tops making food. I don't want to stare at it on the stove for 2-3 hours or even (here you see the true depths of my laziness) wait 10 minutes for the Instant Pot to cook it.

How do we deal with this laziness and not starve and/or spend ridiculous amounts of money on take-out? Meal prep. (Plus a few quick-fix recipes and stocking up on freezer meals/Easy Mac bowls when they're on great sale, but that's another post.)

Now I know some of you hear meal prep and think, "You mean eating the same dish five days in a row? No thanks, no way, good bye." I hear you. There are only a few foods I can eat every day and not get sick of them. At least for a week. After that, probably need some variety. BUT--big but--I've found that I can deal with the same foods, the same base components of carb+protein+veg, if I change up the flavor. And now I'm sharing my lazy secrets with you. Partly in the hope that it will help someone else having a lazy week, partly in the hope that I will get more lazy cooking secrets in return. :)

So gather up your spices and condiments, and here we go! One week's worth of lazy lunches.


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