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30: Am I Officially Old?

So... know what, let's just ignore that question in the title, haha.

Instead, how about a quick recap? I mean, honestly, there are a bunch of things I haven't done at 30 that I think most people have. But I've also done a lot of things already that plenty of people haven't at 30 or beyond. I guess the moral of that story is: we all go at our own pace?

I've gotten to do some pretty cool stuff. In the last couple years alone, I've played tennis, attempted archery, visited Scotland, helped a client apply for 501(c)(3) status, mediated real court cases, passed two bar exams, clerked for an appellate judge, joined a law firm, lived alone for the first time, read a ton of books, met lots of incredible people (online and in person), participated in #OTSPsecretsister and #TBTBSanta, and proofread a book.

I won't lie. There are days when I feel like I'm behind the curve somehow or get FOMO. Prime example: there are people who went straight from undergrad to law school and have already been practicing for 3-4 years. Some days I wonder where I'd be now if I'd done that. Then I stop, because it's a useless exercise, and because I remember God has a plan and I can't mess it up. So enough looking back at stuff I can't change. Let's see where this train goes.


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